” Salty Sport” our final project

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 Our final project is about “Salty Sport ”  the first kite boarding in Kuwait with

kuwaiti IKO instructors . We went  last Saturday to  ” Khairan”   for interviewing and photo shooting them  .

And they let us photo shooting them while they were  training  their new students and they show us  how the kite boarding works . It was a great journey


This journey was filmed and edited by IMOVIE. Also, we made an Instgram video and a storehouse one . I hope you enjoy the video : )

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PS: For more details  you can check out my  “Final Project ” page. Thank you


we went to”  Sirbb Circuit”  located  in shuwaikh we were  checking the location for  shooting ” RoudRush “, it was a great idea and great location for shooting but the owner was out of the  country  we couldn’t meet her !

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My impressions on this class


In this class we managed to learn a lot of useful stuff. It is a great course where I found myself doing and learning a new thing daily. Photoshop is one of the best programs that I learned taking this course. It is one of the best photo editing programs out there. Learning such a program is very beneficial for me. Also, more importantly I am now able to use a camera properly thanks to this class. There are other programs that I also learned taking this class such as imovie, which is an app from Apple that allows you to edit videos. In addition, I believe that one of the main things I learned in this class is writing a resume which is great for seeking a job in the future. Most of my impressions are positive in taking this class, the only down side is that it needed a lot of time to finish most of the work, since I am a college student I was able to manage my time to be a successful student

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Sixties Flowers

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We had an interview with my cousin Worod Alomar. She is the owner of Sixties Flowers Store . Which is a Gift and flowers shop. Worod started with very limited resources . She worked hard to open her first store ” Sixties Flowers ”  her store makes top notch gift wrapping services , it is a great store for every celebrations . This interview was made by Apple’s ”  IMovie”  , and it was a great experience , both meeting with Worod Alomar and using Apple’s video creating App  “IMovie ”  


Victus Food




Our Sound Slide story about chief Nasser ALMukhaizeem  founder of Victus Food co. which contains 3 different restaurants ” Baking tray , Home Slice and Bas Fool bas falafel ” . 




 Mr Nasser is considered to be the first professional chief in Kuwait . He became a roll model for those who love  cooking . His successful story allowed others   to follow his foot step and to become a professional chef  

Chief Nasser had a huge passion for cooking since a young age he started cooking for the age of seven  

After graduating high school chief Nasser started working in a luxurious restaurant in Sheraton Kuwait. While working in this restaurant he earned lots of good reputation. He eventually decided to study more, after lots of work he finally graduated from a highly rated cooking school in France. This long journey made him very successful businessman. He opened three restaurant in Kuwait, and yet he is looking to expand that. chief Nasser is a great cook that managed to transfer his passion to a successful business. He became very well known that his products might become in Kuwait grocery stores shelf’s. His passion and successful story is the reason why I wrote about him. I believe that in order for a person to become very successful, He/She needs to have Passion, and follow his/her dream 




After interviewing Mr Nasser ALMukhaizeem we edit the audio file by adding all the other natural sound effects Using Audacity Application. And then we edit some photos that we took during the interview Using PS Application. At the end we use the SoundSlide Application that was able to combine the audio file with natural sound effects  with the photos  linked into a video .It made it look like a movie all together

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Geography Club



I went to the Geography Club event that was held in Kuwait University. And met with the Civil Aviation commission of Kuwait State representative, and showed me some of the equipment that they are using in C.A.C to insure  the rain and determent the weather in Kuwait . Also, she explained how they work and the keep the data they gather. more over, how they analyze the information and share it with government agents and public . Also, I got the chance to see the device that shows the wind direction 







Also , i interviewed the” Kuwait Official Environmental Portal ” and “Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research ” they told me what was the natural of their work and what do geographer do ? IMG_1781                                                                 IMG_1782     

it was a great enjoyable experience to learn from other majors and their  natural work .

Local business visit

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On the 30th of march 2015, I visited the business man Nasser Al-Mukhaizeem , The founder of  “Victus food ” which operate three restaurants ” baking tray, homeslice , basfoolbasfalfel ” in Kuwait State . 

T he purpose of the visit was to interview Mr.ALMukhaizeem and talk about his success story in food industry and business . He was really helpful and showed us around in his office and took us to see his branches . We took the chance to take some photos of the restaurants by coincidence we sow tow new employs who were just haired and we sow how MR. ALMukhaizeem trains his staff. 

Later , he shared with us some of his secret in how to run a good business and how to be successful in life  it was really inspiration i learn a lot great interview 







The connection of sound and music


In this amazing video i saw which was about the Olympics I was amazed by how a simple set of picture can actually make a difference on how we look at things that technology has advance and with this app ” Sound Slide “and i was amazed by how the video was able to link the picture with the natural sound actually make it look like a movie all together that it made me actually feel as if i was a part of the crowd that I actually experience the event first . which goes to show you that technology is advancing for the better and technology can make a difference in people’s lives .   

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Komar day off

My photo story today is about komar our house driver day off. He has a one day off in the week that he can do whatever he wants to do . So, this weekend he decided to go to AlMurgab market to buy some goods and he transfer  some money to his family back home. After that , he met some of his friends and he had to chat with them. it looks like  they are close friends , they took some pictures together . Then, he want to the church to see the priest pray to god.

My story is simply talking that housemaid and workers need to have a some time to them selves and it is the humanities thing that we can do for them


As a human being , small things can be important to us and means alot in our lives . I believe that there is a thin line between happiness and misery . This is why little things can effect us and change our life’s . I say it because i have seen it in Kumar’s eyes and he did touch my soul